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The caged network can prevent the reservoir from collapsing

According to the situation of bank collapse, because of the difference of reservoir shoreline shore across the field geological conditions, resulting in different type, size, and the mechanism of bank collapse, so the bank collapse regulation project should have very strong pertinence, not blindly to carry out or take some prevention and control of engineering measures, blindly should suit the remedy to the case, the comprehensive treatment.

The netting can be used for embankment protection, or for the entire riverbed and riverbank to be protected, and suitable for the slower river channel. In order to design the water level, the upper part is the protection slope engineering, the lower part is the protection foot project. Slope protection engineering is to repair the original bank again after laying filter layer and the ecological slope protection net pad structure layer, in order to prevent the water scouring, shock wave, water level change and groundwater seepage erosion on the slope surface destruction; The foot protection project USES the anti-shock material to be laid in the underwater riverbed near the foot of the slope to form a protective layer to prevent the flow of the water from scrubbing and to protect the foundation of the embankment. The biggest advantages of stone cage net ecosystem, its internal filling is natural stone, stone clearance between the two, in which allows the plant growth, can also be targeted planting suitable plants, have the effect of the engineering slope protection and the plant slope protection.

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